Non-conforming and bold, are the words that describe OAT.
OAT introduces itself to the world through the first capsule, Misfit Missed Kid.

Misfit Missed Kid is an idea that is dedicated to those who are bold and dauntless. For those who more or less are, OAT.

It significantly represents those individuals whose idea is too surreal for their surroundings to understand. Those individuals who both connected and disconnected with their surroundings at the same time. Those who don't really belong to the society where they’re in, but would be noticed if they’re gone missing. To put it in a simple way, it represents those who’re ahead of their time.

OAT brings new perspective by adopting and amalgamating workwear, military wear, and Japanese contemporary streetwear to create a new product. Materials such as cotton, cotton-canvas and corduroy are chosen to provide products that are not only long-lasting, but also comfortable to be worn daily. OAT’s unmistakable oversized fit also brings whole new experience in dressing up that can elevate even the simplest outfits.

OAT proudly introduces its elevated essential pieces such as cotton canvas field jacket – a Swedish military C48 inspired field jacket, the signature hand splatter painted work jacket, and the signature corduroy set which includes a matching quarter zip with cargo pants with crochet patch. For daily wear, OAT proudly introduces the staple kangaroo shirt – a multi pocket utility shirt that can meet the complex demands of modern lifestyle.


This season marks the beginning of OAT and the first stage where it introduces its identity to the world. Welcome, Misfit Missed Kid.