A Lift Aloft Aloof is a three-stanza reverse poem that tells a romance story. Each strofa represents each word of the season’s theme title, which also symbolises different phases of relationship.

Unlike any other popular and mediocre happy-ending romance story, OAT focuses more on a chaotic end to a romance and how to put it back together. Read it from the top to the bottom you can find the heartbreak while reading it from the bottom to the top you can find the new beginning. OAT believes that those two stages of a relationship bring a huge impact on developing the way one thinks and their character.

All kinds of interpretations of the reverse poem can be seen in this collection’s auditory- visual, images, graphics, and even the design of the product. From the poem becomes the main voice over of the seasonal video to the display of cupid and skeletons facing each other in different environments. The white rose becomes the flower of the season as it has double meaning. The first one is expressing love and the second one is paying tributes to the one who already departed. OAT explores the flower in the form of OAT’s signature crochet and also embroidery process.

In total there will be 14 products that will be released in this collection. OAT will carry its signature and well-proportioned oversized fit which offers fresh styling options for multiple different occasions.

OAT sourced different new kinds of materials to come up with comfortable yet long-lasting pieces such as 16-wale corduroy fabric and 13.5 Oz ‘Ury’ Denim Fabric. Our new corduroy material will be introduced in our first Vest, Fosho Vest, and our new Cargo Nomo Pants. The ‘Ury’ Denim Fabric will act as the new primary material which can be found on our new pieces such as Haori and Fijne Shorts.


OAT is still true to its roots, an amalgamation of workwear, military wear, and Japanese contemporary streetwear.