OAT presents an imaginative venture with SLOW RACING TEAM, a fictional racing team that promotes slow living in a world defined by a relentless and often aimless rat race leading to mental exhaustion.

OAT's second capsule collection aims to encourage slowing down and appreciating life's moments for a better quality of life.

Drawing inspiration from Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, this collection helps individuals on their path to self-actualization through thoughtfully designed OAT pieces.

In this latest collection, OAT remains steadfast in its commitment to fusing workwear, military fashion, and Japanese contemporary streetwear to bring forth the concept of SLOW RACING TEAM. The dominant material of choice is cotton canvas, ensuring durability and comfort in everyday wear. OAT's signature oversized fit, a distinctive hallmark, remains a pivotal element in this second capsule, offering a unique dressing experience that empowers individuals to savor life to the fullest.

“OAT offers a unique dressing experience that empowers individuals to savor life to the fullest”

OAT unveils a refreshed collection of the iconic signature items, featuring timeless classics like Work Jacket, now enhanced with intricate embroidered paint splatter detailing and a versatile two-way medial pocket. Complementing the Work Jacket, OAT proudly presents the improved Cargo Pants, expertly reimagined in breathable cotton canvas. Additionally, OAT takes a bold step into lifestyle accessories with the introduction of hand-knitted Bottle Bag, adorned with the legendary hand-sewn grandma crochet accents.

In SLOW RACING TEAM, OAT brings back the iconic Multi Pocketed Kangaroo Shirt, refined with a sleek straight pointed collar for a contemporary twist on daily wear essentials. In addition, OAT is thrilled to introduce its latest creation, the Shinkoiwa Shirt, an open-collared masterpiece boasting OAT’s signature oversized fit and adorned with intricate chain-stitched graphic embroidery. As part of the new offerings, OAT takes great pride in presenting the meticulously designed Kisa Pants, expertly crafted from a unique poly-cotton blend to ensure both style and comfort.


SLOW RACING TEAM aids individuals to achieve their fullest self actualization to life through providing high quality and long lasting pieces.