Ineffable Compathy captures indescribable shared moments.

A glance, touch, or shared silence speaks volumes; conveys profound messages, creating a language surpassing verbal expression. The beauty of unexplainable shared moments lies in their spontaneity and authenticity. They emerge in the unscripted chapters of life, reminding us of the richness found in the uncharted territories of human connection. Attempting to encapsulate these moments in words feels like trying to capture the essence of a fleeting sunset – inherently elusive, yet profoundly impactful.

It is within these unexplainable shared moments that the magic of human connection flourishes, creating a shared narrative that transcends the boundaries of verbal expression and etches itself into the collective consciousness of those who experience it.

This collection is deeply inspired by our ‘Ineffable Compathy’ journey to Graz, Austria. In the winter of 2018, armed with just a one-way ticket, we set off on a journey through Central Europe, navigating from bus stop to bus stop. Facing difficulty finding our way home during the high season, we unexpectedly ended up in Graz, Austria's second-largest city. Graz unfolded as a city we tirelessly explored, reminiscent of the legendary 'McQueen in '66.' Amidst the unexpected, we discovered solace in shared company and camaraderie, forming a unique blend of companionship and compathy. These moments in "Nowhere in Graz" revealed the ineffable beauty of happiness, weaving our story of exploration and connection in a city full of unknowns.

The creative exploration within the presented collection encompasses a diverse range of fabrics, including polycotton, semi-wool, cotton hickory, medium-weight cotton blue, printed fleece, tweed, and various yarn-dyed cotton materials.

In addition to the established Work Jacket and Liner Jacket, two novel alternatives, namely the Sweatshirt and Sports Jacket, have been introduced to complete the outerwear line. Both alternatives are characterised by OAT's distinctive signature embroidery and crochet detailing.

A noteworthy addition to the shirt lineup is the 'Nomizu Shirt,' introduced to meet the requisites of a bona fide work shirt. Returning classics such as the Kangaroo Shirt, Shinkoiwa Shirt, and Kisa Pants are anticipated to maintain their popularity in the upcoming season, with the incorporation of wide fabric options facilitating versatile styling possibilities. A new iteration of cargo pants, the Cargo Onmi Pants, featuring a cargo pocket and three drawstring pockets, adds an extensive dimension to OAT's signature Cargo Pants. The ensemble is complemented by the introduction of several new accessory designs. In addition to the existing signature bags, the Ooki Handbag, a meticulously hand-woven creation adorned with the brand's signature crochet, is proudly presented. A notable highlight of the collection is the Crochet scarf, positioned as the primary accessory to enhance the overall brand experience.

"A glance, touch, or shared silence speaks volumes; conveys profound messages, creating a language surpassing verbal expression."

The meticulous curation of this collection underscores extensive research and development endeavours aimed at preserving the quintessence of OAT. The articles within this assortment remain steadfast in adhering to OAT's distinctive well-measured and impeccably proportioned oversized fit, seamlessly amalgamating influences from workwear, military wear, and Japanese contemporary streetwear.